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Gleistein MegaTwin 07

• Core 12-strand braid of Dyneema® fibres • Intermediate cover of polyester staple fibre • Cover 16/24/32-plait polyester HT • Exceptional performance with stoppers, extremely abrasion resistant • Universal line: Ideal for halyards, sheets, guys and downhauls • Also ideal for standard fittings: Dyneema® power for cruising yachtsmen Elongation at 10% of breaking load:  0,6% […]

Gleistein DockTwin

Stabilised 12-stran core made of HT Polyamide with a GeoGard N finish. Flexible 16/20/24-plait cover made from the same material. Innovative Construction in which the materials complement and support each other. Excellent breaking load. Remains elastic to absorb loads from swells. Best handling thanks to flexible cover. Very good level of protection against abrasion, UV […]

Gleistein DynaOne SK78

12-strand braid of 100% Dyneema® SK78  Geothane coating for improved protection against abrasion and the elements Attributes similar to wire rope – at a fraction of the weight Buoyant Even without a protective cover a real rope with balanced universal properties and long service life – which besides its coating is chiefly attributable to its […]

Gleistein TaperTwin

Core 12-strand braid made of Dyneema SK78, Geothane HD coating Cover 24 or 32-strand braid of Polyester HT with Cordurs grip fiber Very abrasion resistant TaperTwin is the rope for stripping and tapering Cover only remains on the line in the areas where force is transmitted (winches, cleats), thereby ensuring highest strength at minimal weight. […]

Gleistein RunnerTwin TEC50

• Core 12-plait made of Dyneema® SK78 fibre with Geothane HD coating • Cover 16-/ 24-/ 32-fach made of 50% Technora®, 50% polyester HT • Ultimate heat resistance through Technora® in the cover, minimised “fusing” • Excellent grip in halyard stoppers and on winches • Very stable cross-section • Coated core permits partial stripping for […]